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We have been passionately designing and leading retreats worldwide since 2018. Read more below about people's direct experiences and retreat journeys.


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"Through the workshops, yoga and our outings I was able to rest, heal, reset and light a fire within me that I did not know I had."


"I recommend one of their retreats to anyone that is looking for rest, rejuvenation, relaxation, peace, serenity, support, acceptance, and connection. The memories from this experience will last a lifetime."


"I feel rejuvenated, relaxed, & emotionally incredible. I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to release and to gain this motivation I have now that I am back home."


"I left feeling renewed and with an improved sense of self. I look forward to engaging in the following exotic destinations around the world."


"I’ve participated in a couple Sacred Sojourn offerings and everything from the accommodations to the carefully selected chefs have been top notch."


"This retreat restored my strength, and gave me the courage I needed. It was beautiful. Thank you."


"It is a vacation with meaning: we smiled, cried, hugged, released emotion, and landed back into our true selves while also making new friends that are now family."


"Yes yes yes!!! don’t walk… RUN!! To book your retreat! I had the most incredible time! First retreat and it won’t be my last!! Thank you for such a soul filling journey!"


"The retreat was a good balance of healing work, adventure and fun! Words cannot describe the experience - you must experience the amazing miracles for yourself!"


"I am mystified. I felt very safe to open up to be free, fun and ridiculous."


"Absolutely amazing and rejuvenating. This retreat was more than what I thought it would be. I do not want it to end."


"This event and soulful journey was so well designed and orchestrated."


"My first retreat with Sacred Sojourn was an absolutely incredible experience! I felt safe, seen, heard and cared for. Thank you, and I'll be partaking in more retreats for sure."


"Each moment of the retreat is lovingly organized to create a safe, fun, and transformational experience."


"Participating in the Retreat was one of my best decisions for the year, and I would urge others to do the same. The whole experience is to create a sense of community."


"This retreat is about building you back to be a better person, who is able to conquer life in a more positive and direct way.”


"I felt completely safe and comfortable when I wanted to speak. This was an honor, I will never forget this experience."


"This retreat was such a profound gift of love. It was evident a lot of thought and heart were placed into this offering."


"A connective experience allowing healing and surrendering... so much cleansing and empowerment took place."


"My favorite parts were embracing my truth and being vulnerable, the quiet moments and letting go."


"Words won't suffice to express the amazingness of this experience. Our trip to Hawaii was incredible. From start to finish, so many thoughtful and truly soulful details were woven in."


"From the fun and exciting excursions, to the wonderful facilitation team that held space for our individual and collective journeys, the beautiful accommodations at our retreat center… I could not be happier"


"Very trustworthy, and very worth the time and money. Truly transformational experiences"


"I am forever changed & grateful for this wonderful experience."


"Whether you are looking to get away, find a sense of community, looking for a deeply healing experience, want to find a deeper connection with yourself or your partner, or... have a one of a kind experience, this is for you."


"Such a PHENOMENAL EXPERIENCE and incredibly LIFE CHANGING!! The connections I made and amount of laughter was unforgettable. Epic dance parties, sacred ceremonies, excursions, gourmet meals, new friends. I highly recommend!"


"It was so much fun and made a lot of new friends."


"Adam is such an amazing person! Went to the Hawai'i retreat and it was life changing! Definitely planning on going to more of his retreats in the future!"


"Adam is a natural born leader and also really helped me really look deep within myself and reflect on a lot. I would go with him on another journey. Thank you again for the amazing week!!!!!"


"Adam is an amazing leader whose spirit and love given during every moment of the retreat, is so much more than words can convey!"

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