“I don’t have any control over what actually happens except for that I have full control over my will for myself, my intention, and why I’m there. That’s all that matters.” – SZA

When we take time to discover our "Why" we give strength to what energizes us and propels us forward. When we are aligned with .... focus on curating experiences of love, fun and mystery that provide a positive experience for all. These retreats are created to be life-changing, thrilling, soulful, thought-invoking... If this is resonating within, perhaps this is the experience you have been seeking. When attending these events, people are brought to deeper moments within themselves, which often requires a little digging. As we dive deeper into ourselves, we come to the root and heart of who we truly, spiritually are.




We welcome all who seek to answer this brave, wonderful and fierce call.

The opportunity of a lifetime awaits you.


Embrace the mystery​


Receive clarity and guidance


Connect with beautiful nature


Experience growth and blossoming


Meet the friends that become family


Try something new​

Explore magical destinations

Receiving clarity and guidance

Welcome healing and joy

Return home with powerful tools


Open your heart​

Challenge yourself


Learn to love more deeply


Work with a team devoted to your journey


Create unforgettable memories

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Where does your money go and why us? We believe in total transparency and providing excellence for everyone. With years of combined personal and professional experience, we bring you expertise, knowledge and guidance. The truth is, it's near impossible to put a price tag on moments that nourish your soul, the ones that can be grand, healing and transformational. We hope this clarifies and helps you understand the wonderful and worthy investment a retreat can be.


Work with a team who has your back and is devoted to your greatest journey.

Visit beautiful destinations around the world and stay in magical places.
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Explore sacred and mindfulness practices that elate our state of being.
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Delicious yet heart-healthy nutrition is essential to your experience.
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Meet the strangers that become friends and
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Take home unforgettable memories from the adventure of a lifetime.
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We've taken the steps and done the hard work so you won't have to.
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We are here for your travel process to answer any questions you may have.

From a hug, s
SACRED FACILITATION TEAM:  We believe space holders should be paid for their good work. The world of retreats is glamorous and exciting, yet requires constant care and time which in today's society, requires money. The designer and facilitators are last to be paid as all services, lodging, food and other hires must be compensated for the retreat offering to take place. Fortunately, we are passionately driven by this work and a good facilitation team is the glue that holds a retreat together.

MINDFULNESS PRACTICES:   This is a great opportunity for one to explore, learn and deepen wellness practices, such as yoga, dance, meditation and more. We invite and encourage all guests to embrace the sacredness of their experience.
GLOBAL COMMUNITY ACCESS: ​ People of all ages and from all walks of life attend these events. While guests come to these retreats for completely different reasons, they often find friendship, connection and love too. Tap into this beautiful, growing worldwide network.

LOCATION + LODGING:  We want people to feel called to the destinations we visit and the places we stay. Choosing a location where people can learn yet become excited by is a key ingredient. When selecting lodging, we always choose a space that truly exudes a "wow" factor and allows people to rest as well as enjoy solitude. It must have excellent reviews, be trustworthy and ultimately assist in providing an experience that is in alignment with the Sacred Sojourn brand. 

NOURISHING MEALS:  Our retreats are all-inclusive. All meals, chef and transportation costs, are factored into the budget. Food is medicine, so we put a lot of thought into who will be fueling you throughout your journey. It is our goal that everyone feels nourished and taken care of. Of course, our chef can accommodate any allergies while still cultivating delicious food.

EXPEDITIONS + EXPERIENCES: ​  Part of these experiences is encouraging others to return to a state of play and wonder. That said, what is a retreat without adventures? We create well-balanced itineraries that entertains guests, but also encourages them out of their comfort zone. Our retreats involve: nature for beauty and connection, free time for solitude and silence, and workshop(s) for learning and growth. Fortunately, all expeditions are woven into the final retreat price and paid in advanced.

PLANNING + PREPARATION:  The most beautiful thing about going on a retreat is you don't have to come against a majority of the tedious tasks that surface with traveling. Of course there are still things you need to do, there is a deep degree of preparation needed to go on a retreat, but we provide a travel packet as well as assistance. You can relax knowing we have done most of the hard work so you won't have to.

From start to finish, we are here to address any and all travel questions or concerns that may arise in your retreat journey. Consider us your friendly travel agents!


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