We welcome you into our world of magic and heart. Take the leap, show up and be an incredible inventor among your life's pages as they turn and unfold.

These retreats are created to be life-changing, thrilling, soulful, thought-invoking... If this is resonating within, perhaps this is the experience you have been seeking. When attending these events, people are brought to deeper moments within themselves, which often requires a little digging. As we dive deeper into ourselves, we come to the root and heart of who we truly, spiritually are.
When we gather and do good work, we begin to remember our true nature. This is a path, and so we welcome you. This is a safe space to express, a wonderful place to love and grow with life's mysteries and teachings. When visiting here, you have an incredible chance to unlock things that set your soul on fire and discover to your passion. When we become connected to our passion, we are brought home to our purpose. 



"A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness. It is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love, and well-being." - James E. Faust

Strive to display unconditional love in ​all aspects of life.

Engage in conscious communication with all brothers and sisters.

Offer mutual support and respect for each other's individual paths and self-expression.

Continue refining one's self awareness, both internally and externally.


Practice mindfulness and responsibility for our own thoughts, words, and deeds.


Commit to a practice and environment that maintains our sacred retreat space.

Honor solitude, silence and privacy for yourself and all other seekers.


Respond from a place of respect, honesty and authenticity. 




We believe in curating experiences and creating portals of intention that support others as they take transformational leaps. With the support of a growing global community, these memorable expeditions bring people to purpose, as well as growth and a grand sense of adventure.


We vow to share our words with integrity and truth, while being mindful and compassionate to others. 
We welcome people from all walks of life with an open mind and heart. Strangers become family here.
We visit destinations around the world, learn from nature, and discover a true sense of wonder and adventure.
As we learn to let go and unlock our true potential within, we invite you to be authentic and let your weird shine.
We explore sacred and mindfulness practices that elate our state of being and help us manifest the life of our dreams.
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We create a container where all feel emotionally open and physically safe to have a transformational journey.