A symbol of our gratitude and a token of good karma.

 When you recruit a person to any retreat, even if you don't attend, we pay you $100 for each referral.

We whole-heartedly believe in a world where abundance is a gift that can be continuously shared. Our program is inspired by the ancient principle of "Sacred Reciprocity or "Ayni," which is the heartfelt exchange, gratitude, and acknowledgment of all that sustains us. This is an inner knowing that when we love and care for each other and nature — our needs are met in harmonious ways, filling all with a sense of gratitude, purpose and prosperity. 

Image by Adrien King

Breathe in and breathe out.


As we breathe in oxygen that is lovingly made by plants and trees, we then return carbon dioxide to the plant kingdom. If we are only breathing out, our quality of life declines and we die; if we are only breathing in, our life force becomes interrupted. Intended to live in love with nature, to trust that nature loves us back, we have the opportunity to give back with purpose everyday. 

"The miracle is this : the more we share, the more we have." - Leonard Nimoy