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We whole-heartedly believe in a creating a world, where abundance is a gift that can be continuously shared.


Our program is inspired by the ancient principle of "Sacred Reciprocity or "Ayni," which is the heartfelt exchange, gratitude, and acknowledgment of all that sustains us. This is an inner knowing that when we love and care for each other and nature — our needs are met in harmony, filling all with a sense of purpose and prosperity.  

"The miracle is this : the more we share, the more we have." - Leonard Nimoy



(regardless if you attend our events or not)

Are you interested in :

  • Traveling the world and visiting beautiful destinations?

  • Being part of a community and mindful social settings?

  • Learning about the art of retreat design and facilitation?

  • Supporting our greater visions and elevating our brand?

Do you have :

  • A lifestyle or career rooted in health, wellness, yoga, spirituality, travel, community and/or connection.

  • A friendly energy, sociable attitude, positive mindset, ready to bring meaningful contribution to our team, as well as the ability to complete tasks efficiently and on time, without supervision.

  • A commitment to share our brand with confidence, as well as the ability to navigate major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

  • An ability to effectively market as well as the ambition to strategically sell these events to an aligned audience within the desired timeframes.

  • A minimum one-year steady and engaged online presence.


  • Access to a beautiful, global network and community

  • Expansion within your personal platform and professional brand

  • Opportunities for bonuses, discounted or free retreats, travel and greater wealth

Consider becoming part of our Prosperity Program! We are always interested in working with more heart-centered creators and entrepreneurs.






We provide marketing materials and content for our event, which you then promote on your platforms. When you successfully recruit a certain number of people, you become eligible for Sacred Sojourn bonuses and more.

3 persons:
10% Sacred Sojourn Discount
+ $100 Referral Payment Each

5-6 persons:
25% Sacred Sojourn Discount

+ $100 Referral Payment Each

BONUS of $150

7-8 persons:

50% Sacred Sojourn Discount

+ $100 Referral Payment Each

BONUS of $250

9-10 persons:

75% Sacred Sojourn Discount

+ $100 Referral Payment Each

+BONUS of $350

11-12 persons:


+ $100 Referral Payment Each

+BONUS of $350


If you are interested, please contact us.

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