Passion : Purpose

Our goal is to welcome all who feel the brave, wonderful and whole-heartedly, fierce call to say yes to adventure with Sacred Sojourn. We welcome into our little world of magic and heart. Take the leap, show up and be an incredible inventor among your life's pages as they turn and unfold.


We lead events around the United States, however we love exposing people to the greater world stage. Sometimes, we find the deeper we travel outside of ourselves and our comfort zones, the more we can welcome in all humanity has to offer. 


We focus on bringing an incredible adventure of love, fun and mystery where each retreat experience can ultimately deliver a positive experience for all. This is intended to be life-changing, thrilling, heart-centered and the experience you have been dreaming of. Throughout these soulful quests, people are brought to deeper moments within themselves, which often requires a little digging and awareness. 


As we dive deeper into ourselves, we come to the root and heart, the freshest part of who we truly, spiritually are. From this dynamic leap of faith into heart-centered living, we connect to others, we commit to our growth and learn to live in harmony with our surroundings. This is the way of the soul, safe to express, love and learn from all life's mysteries and teachings. When residing here, we have a chance to become incredibly aware of the things that light us up, that set us on fire and we become connected to our passion. When we are connected to our passion, we are connected to our purpose. 

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I am an artist, published author, speaker and coach, I have been honored and blessed to work on creative projects with people, businesses and organizations worldwide over the last decade. With a focus in connection, empowerment, mindfulness, and adventure, I devote my work to providing experiences that introduce others to the path of belonging and whole-hearted living. Passionate about bringing people together and the incredible art of sacred space-holding, it is my deepest intention to web soulful matter and pure heart into all my offerings.


- Adam Rumi