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After two plane rides, a tuk-tuk and boat ride, I finally arrived at the retreat center. I was half-way across the world, in this mysterious place, with sixteen complete strangers who in a cosmically-aligned way, became my family. We shared a whole week together exchanging the haunting tales of our past mixed with our bold ambitions for the future, along with our greatest tragedies and dreams. Born an only child and deaf in both ears (cochlear implant in my right ear now), I always struggled with isolation and connecting with others. There was something so special about this experience, it showed me a whole new element of Belonging.


In 2016, I was suffering from a challenging depression spell, refusing to accept my sexuality, battle unprocessed childhood traumas and erectile dysfunction all while facing poverty. I was struggling to keep friends as well as my part-time employment at a real estate agency. Feeling quite stale, ungrounded and misguided, I began to pray for solutions to find their way to me.

I connected with a realtor at the agency, who changed the trajectory of my life forever when she revealed that her son sat in ceremony with indigenous tribes in Peru. This was already a spiritual tradition I had studied extensively for years, as I was quite drawn to this mysterious and beautiful phenomenon. 
I met her son (and his girlfriend) one day, when a chaotic blizzard swept through town. Fatefully snowed in, I probably asked a thousand questions and received every detail of their experience, their love of the tribes, and deep respect for the medicine, ayahuasca.

I then began having vivid dreams and heard the jungle calling my name throughout the night. There was something deep in my heart reaching out to me, and I knew this quest resonated deeply with every essence of my being. The whispers grew louder and louder and I knew there was only one thing left to do. I immediately contacted the retreat center, booked a flight, and four weeks later, I was traveling to the Amazon jungle, completely alone yet fearless to what was ahead for me.​



After showering myself in self-love, experiencing four ayahuasca ceremonies, and making sixteen new friends, I returned home with fresh perspectives. Things began to quickly move and change for me as I was truly transformed. I made a vow to welcome more joy into my life. I felt so in alignment and in love, completely in a state of acceptance, more than I ever had before. I was hired for a brilliant new job that generated triple the income I had been previously earning and then even found the courage to fall in love for the first time. That retreat was the best gift I could given to myself.

A year later, I left my high-paying job and made the brave decision to launch my own videography company. During this incredible life transition, I was intuitively guided to enroll in a yoga teacher training, which opened me to the heart of facilitation and holding sacred space for others. After completing my certification, I began teaching yoga and meditation at local studios, while my videography business began to soar and thrive. I was hired for a multitude of videography jobs across different sectors, which quickly granted me incredible business experience and allowed me to travel all around the world for nearly three whole years.


The beautiful part is... I was eventually hired to film yoga retreats, domestically and internationally. When I returned to this sacred container, familiar from years before, I again could see and feel the significant shifts this brought to people's lives. Each retreat I attended and filmed, I felt I had been reunited with a long-lost love. Spirit then delivered another call, one that was so undeniably loud, to share this magic with others. In 2018, I began designing and facilitating sacred and heart-centered offerings. I feel so blessed to still be sharing this work with others today, and it is my wish for all to know the profoundly healing art that is retreat.





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